Creating Happier Workplaces

The time for believing that happiness is not something that happens in the workplace is over. The future of work is happy, and the leaders of the future create happiness.

Our mission is to help companies navigate the pitfalls of creating a happy workplace, and ensuring they have the tools to create an organisation that is more productive, more creative, has better staff motivation, is more innovative, deals better with change, achieves their goals more rapidly, is more successful and more profitable.

Studies show, that people who feel unhappy at work experience more stress and conflicts are less productive and get sick more often.

When you are happy at work, you work better with others, are more creative, more motivated, more successful, have more success and are happier in life.

We are committed to helping companies get the answers about what actually makes people happy at work, why it matters, and will help you create a plan to make it happen in your workplace. 

In our keynotes, workshops & training you'll get:

  • Knowledge and inspiration about happiness at work

  • The science and statistics behind how happiness creates better workplaces

  • Why happy workplaces create better service, without even trying.

  • Simple, practical tools to create more happiness and less stress at work

  • Energy and motivation to act

  • Some good laughs

Based in Cambridge, U.K. Happy Coffee Consulting is a workplace consultancy providing keynotes, consulting, speaking and workshops on Happiness at Work and Customer Service.




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Sarah has a commitment and dedication to creating happy, productive workplaces that is second to none. She combines years of practice, creating great workplace cultures and customer delight, with clear insights. More she is a delight to work with and an inspiration.
— Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer, Happy Ltd.