Happiness at work is simple. Not Easy. We’re here to help.


At Happy Coffee Consulting we believe the future of work is happy. We are passionate about helping organisations create happier workplaces and happier people.

We believe that workplaces of the future will put employee happiness before profitability.

Through our workshops, keynotes, training programmes and Happiness at Work tool, we provide support to organisations who want to join in this movement for change.

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After launching our first Global Summit on Happiness at Work we were overwhelmed by the response. We had 1200+ attendees from over 47 countries, 40 speakers and hundreds of hours of amazing content.

Our new community gives you the opportunity to access all Online Summit content, as well as our new community of global change makers.

The verdict is in Happiness at Work is a global phenomenon and the FUTURE OF WORK.



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mission, methods, and how we can help you you create happiness across your organisation.

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Woohoo Partner Network

We are part of a new International Happiness at Work Network made up of a group of over 40 consultants around the world. We have unparalleled expertise in creating sustainable change for happier businesses with happier people.

Our collective of partners have trained and supported over 100,000 people globally to be happy at work. Contact us today to find out how we can help to improve your workplace.