Why Happiness at Work?

Happy workplaces are the future.  Not only is creating positive benefit for your staff the right thing to do, happy workplaces have (among others): higher productivity, more creative & innovative, better sales, lower employee turnover, attract the best talent, lower absenteeism, higher growth, higher stock price, higher profits, higher customer loyalty, higher discretionary effort from employees. To name just a few...

After a years of research, practice and speaking Sarah is delighted to say that she completed Woohoo Inc's Woohoo Academy in Denmark.  And is now a certified Woohoo partner.

The Woohoo Academy is an intensive in-depth 3-day training on creating happier workplaces.  This included all the latest theory and science of happiness at work.

All the presentations and training provided is based on research from psychology, neurology, sociology, management science as well as real life examples. What we know to have worked in the past.

- The practice of happiness at work: best and most effective tools and exercises
- Real-life best practices; catalog of tools and methods that we’ve seen work well and what we’ve tried ourselves
- Pitfalls and traps. What can go wrong? What must you avoid? How and why do happiness interventions fail?

Happy Workplaces = Happy Employees  = Provide better Service = Happy Customers = More Loyal = Spend More Money = Your business does better




Why Happy Coffee?

Two reasons.  One of the easiest ways you can help improve the relationships in your business it to
STOP! Have a coffee....with one of your employees.

Even better? Pencil in a coffee break every day with a different member of your staff. In 30 days, I guarantee this will improve your business.

The second is the story of our sister business Happy Coffee Ltd., a movement for spreading gratitude and goodwill by making someone's day. 


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Sarah Metcalfe
Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer

Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Sarah has a varied background in Customer Service. Since 2010 Sarah has led  the  customer service at Sure Petcare. Guiding it through an extraordinary period of expansion,  growth and acquisition. She now leads a talented multi-lingual team who deliver outstanding customer service and happiness to over 1M customers around the world.

Sarah is passionate about happiness in the workplace, and knows the positive impact this has on the customer experience. Through continuing to innovate and improve the customer journey, Sure Petcare now has kept an an NPS of 90+ (some countries as high as 97) in 20 countries, for 8 consecutive years.

As well as constantly learning and researching, Sarah recently trained at the Chief Happiness Officer Academy in Denmark with Alex Kjerulf, and Woohoo Inc. and is a certified partner providing Happiness at Work training.

Our keynotes, workshops and training can be tailored or mixed and match to meet your individual learning needs and company goals.


Customer Experience Example Topics

  • How Happy Workplaces create Great Customer Service

  • Customer Service Design

  • Creating Great Customer Service

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Service Consulting

  • Developing end-to-end customer service

  • Creating a feedback loop

  • Leading with the customer in mind

Happiness at Work Example Topics

  • Happiness at Work

  • The Science of Happiness at Work

  • Leading with Happiness

  • Management training

  • Busyness

  • Praise & Recognition

  • How to reverse negative spirals