How happy are people in different countries at work and what makes them happy?

We are working to to bring the Happiness @ Work to the UK & our global clients. Our intent is to improve the well-being of workers and, at the same time, increase our company's effectiveness through continuous measurement.

With this in mind, we are collaborating with the International research carried out by Alex Kjerulf & Woohoo Inc., which measured over 3000 workers around the globe in 2018. We will collect this online questionnaires, compiled anonymously, and map the differences between the UK and other countries in the world.

If you could take 5 minutes to complete the survey it will contribute to the measurement of happiness at work in the UK.

At this link you can see what it is and decide whether to participate: 

The results of the research will be published and presented in the UK at the International Week of Happiness at Work in September 2019.

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