Meet Our Team

Sarah Metcalfe  Chief Happiness Officer

Sarah Metcalfe
Chief Happiness Officer

Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Sarah has a varied background in Customer Service. Since 2010 she has led the customer service department at Sure Petcare from a small start up to a global, multi-lingual team supporting over 1M customers worldwide.

Sarah is passionate about happiness in the workplace and the positive impact this has on the bottom line and the customer experience. Through continuing to innovate and improve the customer journey Sure Petcare has kept an NPS of over 90 in 20 countries for 8 consecutive years.

Sarah has spent the last 10 years researching and training in Happiness at Work and recently became a Certified Chief Happiness Officer providing Happiness at Work consulting after training in Denmark with Alex Kjerulf and Woohoo Inc.

Isobel Colson  The Get Going Coach

Isobel Colson
The Get Going Coach

With over twenty years experience in providing technical support, leading technical support teams, designing and delivering training Isobel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Happy Coffee team.

Isobel believes that most people have the potential to be happier and more productive at work, that companies have an opportunity and will benefit from creating an environment where employees can thrive.

Isobel has recently joined Happy Coffee as a Partner along with Sarah & Andrew to help companies move towards happy workplaces and support the to build social capital.

She shares an interest in helping companies to provide better customer service and a conviction that happiness at work and employee engagement are an important element. She is delighted to be part of the innovative global network of Woohoo partners.

Andrew Elliott  Director of Strategy & Innovation

Andrew Elliott
Director of Strategy & Innovation

Andrew is an experienced operational leader with extensive experience within high growth tech, energy and event businesses.

After meeting Sarah in 2018 and discovering a shared vision for the future of work, Andrew was drawn to the vision of Happy Coffee Consulting. Andrew has a shared passion for helping businesses and individuals perform to their fullest potential.

Andrew has recently been made a partner at Happy Coffee Consulting and joined the Woohoo Inc. partner network

With first hand experience of the challenges and psychological barriers faced by senior leaders, mangers, team leaders and agents throughout the growth cycle of business.

Andrew wants to ensure he can improve as many businesses and employees lives as possible utilising the proprietary technology and tools being developed at Happy Coffee Consulting.