International Week of Happiness at Work
Online Conference

We’re hosting The Happiness at Work Summit, where 40+ world-class practitioners, facilitators, and consultants in Happiness of Work from over 30 countries will share their experiences of creating the happiest workplaces around the globe.

Are you are a manager, senior leader, CEO, HR professional, consultant or change maker interested in:

💡Happiness at Work
💡Leadership and organisations
💡Learning how to improve: employee retention, profitability, sales
💡Leading with Happiness
💡Creating workplaces of the future
💡The future of work
💡A healthy workplace

If so we think you’ll probably want to be part of the action!

These deeply inspiring discussions, demonstrations, workshops and interviews will be live streamed, online, completely global and all sessions will be free to access.

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If you’re passionate about creating a deep and sustainable change for your clients, for yourself or for your workplace then we urge you to join this movement!

In this summit you’ll:
✔️Learn how the world’s top happiness at work practitioners create deep change in organisations across the globe
✔️Explore a wide diversity of leading edge happiness at work approaches and change methodologies
✔️Create new connections and friendships with other transformational coaches, speakers, thought leaders and professionals from around the world
✔️Deepen your understanding of the science behind Happiness at Work including psychology, sociology, neuroscience and management studies,
✔️Get inspired and learn how to actually use the tools you learn to make changes that stick

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